Rifle development in the UK has to be applauded - I can't fault them.

Air Arms S410

Voted - Airgun of the Year  - Best British Rifle - Best Multi-Shot Rifle

Air Arms S510

Believing that the S410 could be improved upon was difficult, but it has been done.

Here's one reason - the cocking leaver.........

Another is the shrouded barrel.....

The shroud has a silencing effect on the air discharge.

Improved appearance of the stock - the photo above is of the Walnut version.

Air Rifle of the Year 2003 ?

Daystate MK3 RT

Now developed into the Daystate Mk4

The Daystate Mk 4 takes the revolutionary electronic system to the next level.

Featuring a new version of the Harper Patent electronic firing system called MCT (Mapped Compensated Technology), the new system increases shot count over previous versions by 100%. The increase in efficiency also makes it quieter to shoot.

Daystate Harrier

Redesign took the Harrier forward to the Huntsman.

Huntsman Classic

Retro-styling taking design back to a sleeker lightweight design, yet with all the features you would expect from a modern Daystate, such as 10 shot magazine, integral silencer and safety catch. The Huntsman is fitted with the new patented Harper MK4 valve for superior performance.

Daystate Air Ranger

If  you want to get sexy and have money to spare ? This could be the rifle for you.

BSA have developed their Superten into the BSA R10


Another rifle with a shrouded barrel or as BSA describe it  'a ported muzzle flip compensator'

This is also a 'full power' multi shot rifle.

If you like them short and stubby - try the BSA Ultra

BSA Lightning XL

Crosman Magnum 2200 (.22)


HW 35

When Weihrauch became known to British airgunners 'everyone' had to own one of these beauties.

HW 77 k

It would be difficult to say anything bad about the HW 77.

Now replaced by the almost identical HW97


Air Arms Pro Sport

Pro Sport with Walnut stock.

Air Arms TX200 HC

TX200 HC with Walnut stock

The Fenix 400Cometa Fenix 400

The Fenix 400, there is so much interest in this rifle that I felt it only right that I investigate. Firstly, I entered the name Fenix into my pocket translator to see if the name had any hunting connotations but the nearest it came to Fenix was Feo which is Spanish for ugly ! Now that is not the case, it is a fine looking rifle and is available with a pleasantly shaped Beech or Walnut stock. It is a long rifle, suggesting that it is intended for adult use (weight 3.4 kg), the power output has had to be reduced from its original 20 ft lbs down to the UK 12 ft lbs limit and as a consequence has a very low recoil but emits a load crack when fired. The mechanical action is said to be smoother than some similar low priced rifles, it cocks easily but is pellet fussy (available in .177 and .22), the overall quality is above standard for the price. The only points that down grade this rifle are the plastic trigger and guard but that's only a matter of taste.

This rifle is recommended as a starters rifle or as a second field rifle.

Interestingly, this rifle is badged and sold by RWS as the RWS 94.


Weihrauch 57

This lovely photo shows the Beeman HW57  - with the pop-up breech inset.

Having added the Fenix 400 review I felt it only right to show an alternative mid-range spring powered rifle.

The HW57 is a slimmed down version of the HW77, the major differences being the lack of a loading port and the inclusion of the pop-up breech. The pop-up breech is not a new feature as it was featured many years ago on another make of air rifle. Maybe Weihrauch needed a 'new' feature to keep the public interest ? Whatever the reason they have made a very interesting 'lightweight' rifle

The rifle is cocked using the underlever, this in turn releases the pop-up breech, the pellet is inserted, the breech is then pressed back down into the firing position - no chance of trapped fingers with this system.

2.5 lbs lighter (6.5 lbs) and 4" shorter (40") than the HW77, it may be regarded as a baby brother to the HW77 but holds it's own in the power stakes (11.3 ft lbs), and has fixed barrel accuracy to boot !