UK - HLG and Catapult Results


(BMFA comp's are flown -7 flights from 7, with a 10 second attempt.)

(Catapult comps are 5 from 5 with a 10 second attempt)

Northern Gala

Held at Barkston Heath - 25/03/05

A really bumper turnout of competitors at the Northern Gala and  fine weather in March is a good sign that 2005 could be a vintage year.

The discus boys were out in force with Phil Ball and Andy Hewitt continuing as they promised with discus design but the surprise was that Mark Benns and Mick Page were both using discus (tip launch) models !

Mick and Mark don't use auto rudder on their models, Phil and Andy have reduced their gadgets down to just the auto rudder.

Myself and all the other competitors were using conventional models (but not for much longer).

Discus launch is sure to become the way HLG will develop in the UK. Mark Benns' 40" span, all black carbon model (over foam)  was very impressive with his 'Whirling Dervish' style launch but Phil and Andy were getting great height from a static launch with a glide that seemed better than an A/1 glider.

Andy's 'Slippery Sam' has a span of 39" but he was testing one of about 50". Mick Page took a slightly different approach to discus launch design - he had used on old model 'that wouldn't fly' and added quit a large amount of wood to the port wing and made a 'Gull wing' tip - it was an unusual sight in flight.

My excuse this time was that I have a 'frozen' left shoulder and if there was a day when they were beaten by someone with one hand tied behind there back (or in his pocket) this was it - but that wasn't to be.

The wind was fresh but there were plenty of thermals coming through, the wind speed dropped at the finish of the comp' (first time I have seen a Barkston wind sock hanging limp !) but the lift disappeared too.

A great sight was seen when the Mini Vintage, F1J and Open Rubber models all took to the air at the sound of the fly off hooter. Phil's Open Rubber model stayed aloft for over fifteen minutes ! ! ! . He won that event too.




1 Phil Ball 6.36
2 Mark Benns 6.07
3  Steve Brewer 5.54


1 Phil Ball  
2 Andy Hewitt  
2 Mark Benns  

BMFA 2nd Area Centralised

(Barkston Heath - 03/04/05)

A dull, damp atmosphere and a constant wind didn't make for a very promising days flying but later the sky brightened up but the wind persisted for the healthy list of competitors.

There was a very definite 'tumble' zone not too far down wind and only the high flying catapult and discus models were getting high enough to fly over it, the rest of us just had to watch promising launches get pushed down at around 35 seconds !

I know it was predicted by some as the way HLG would develop and said by some that it wouldn't catch on but the discus models this weekend certainly showed us what they are capable of - mine's almost finished..




1 Mark Benns 6.50
2 Phil Ball 6.41
Andy Hewitt 5.03



1 Phil Ball 4.37
2 Andy Hewitt 3.13
2 Mark Benns 3.09


F/F Nationals 2005

Barkston Heath

Saturday was warm and sunny but the wind was 20-25 mph all day (with gusts) it was difficult to walk into the wind and sometimes standing up wasn't too easy !. That was the day that Catapult glider is held. I haven't bothered building proper catapult models as my main objective is the Hand Launched competition but I had modified one of my chuckies to allow me to fly in that class. The model I was using is design called 'Bliss' - not yet published. The severe wind was knocking the little Cat' gliders out of the sky and the times being recorded were very low - I wasn't concerned about that as my first flight went away for a Max - it was almost a third of a mile down wind and it took me 1 hours to find it ! My second flight was much the same and that took hr to find that one too.

There weren't too many brave fliers in all the other classes that were flown that day but there was a lot of debris around from broken models - many were having their wings snapped as they were being returned !

My third flight was 49 seconds, nothing remarkable in that I thought, but around that time Marks Benns suggested that I could win the event with those times ? I had seen little of the other fliers but a lowly fourth flight score of 18 secs put me within 1 second of topping all the other scores - I pulled back on the rubber intending to go for another max on my final flight but as I released the model the rubber snapped and a pathetic launch resulted - but it meant that I had won the event by 14 seconds,   aaahhhh - Bliss !

Mark Benns and 'newcomer' Steve Brewer had to fly-off for second place, Mark scored 31 seconds and Steve 16 seconds (I told you it was windy).





1 Mike Chapman 3.22
2 Mark Benns 3.08
Steve Brewer 3.08

(5 from 5)

Bliss - a great glider !

'Bliss' - HLG and CLG

I couldn't resist publishing this one !


Sunday's weather was far better, lighter wind and bags of thermals to pick, even though there were some very strong 'false' thermals. On numerous occasions through the day, the guys flying FAI events were coming down as fast as they went up ! 

Everyone of the top HLG fliers were recording max after max, six maxes seemed to be the norm and each others dropped flights were all that we were calculating !

As I predicted earlier in the year the discus launched models were going to be the ones to beat and so it was. Mark Benns was very impressive but the terrific stresses that are imparted to these large models on launch were beginning to give Mark real problems - even after minor repairs and re-enforcement, Marks larger model suffered a fuselage breakage, resulting in a couple of dropped flights. Andrew Hewitt (discus) had a good run but he also had dropped some seconds. We conventional HLG fliers were putting up a good show and it looked as if the final result wouldn't be known until the scores were posted at the control van. That was until Phil Ball made his customary late show. Phil flew in the calmest of the days winds and the height that he was able to get from his discus launched model made maxing look all too easy - Phil completed his flights with a complete run of 7 from 7 maxes ! - well done Phil.

An article written by Phil and Andy on the subject of discus launched models is in this years Free Flight Forum publication (see press) - model designs are included.





1 Phil Ball 7.00
2  Mark Benns ?
Andy Hewitt ?

(7 from 7)