A simple penetration test using the 'rebuilt' HW77 (.22)

I was interested in whether or not pointed pellets really were better for hunting.

One brand of pellets went straight through this old plank - which do you think would ?

  1. Bisley Super Field (roundhead)
  2. RWS Superdome (roundhead)
  3. RWS Superpoint (pointed)
  4. BSA Huntsman (pointed)

The range was 35 yds, the plank was 1" thick, I used a knife to check the density - it was the same along its length.

For results see below.






I fired some pointed pellets at the area that the B S Fs had penetrated - but they didn't pass through.

I repeated the test, firing the B S Fs at the opposite end of the plank - they didn't pass completely through, but did split the wood, almost passing through.

Retreaving the pellets from the wood for comparison showed the Superdome were the most distorted, all the others showed very little sign of distortion or expansion.

The pellets were deliberately fired widely spaced, but later accuracy tests showed that the least suitable (for the HW 77) were the Superpoint.

The most accurate were the B S Fs, they also had the flattest flight path .

In future (because of their accuracy) I'll be using Bisley Super Field in the HW 77.