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Our first outdoor competition of the season...

 Hand Launched Glider

Report from Richard. Photo's from Richard and John Churchill.

Our first outdoor competition of the season, and the weather couldn't have been better. Gotham really is a fine site when the weather's like this.
Wall to wall sunshine, and very little wind.

Steve Ellis managed to fly into the field over the road to start with, but thankfully found his model, after which we had a very enjoyable session.
My 15gram lightweight flew well, Mike and Ian gave some brilliant demonstrations of really serious throwing, and the sheep with their new offspring seemed completely unbothered.

And then, believe it or not, we all retired to the Cuckoo Bush for a noisy and enjoyable session.

The results, based on the best five of nine flights, were..............................

1st        Mike Chapman            121.9 secs

2nd       Ian Hewitt                    108.2 secs

3rd        Richard Granger          105.3 secs

4th        Steve Ellis                       94.1 secs

5th        Ken Reeves                     57.2 secs


Fixing, timing, trimming and scoring as the evening draws to a close.


Steve launches his new model, he'd been practising and it showed.

When the wind direction changed the model was lost over the road but found with the help of walkie talkie radios


Ian launches. A good launch got the model up.


Mike launches. No thermals this evening.


Mike's glider circles overhead.


Richard launches his super light indoor glider - it didn't need any lift to stay up.


At the end of evening Richard flew his Co2 powered Tiger Moth.


They had turned the lights on in the Cuckoo Bush by the time we took this photo.




A Control Line Floatplane meeting !

After being told about this at a previous club night and seeing a reminder in Aeromodeller magazine I went along to the Leicester MAC flying site.

It is an impressive set-up that they have, there is an area for radio flying and two control line circles.

They have 43 acres of land (which they own) all the facilities you could wish for, mains electricity, water from a well which is pumped up and passes through a filtration system, a toilet block, club room, kitchen, a workshop/charging room (electric models) and a huge mower that keeps the whole site looking like a manicured golf course.


Clubhouse etc and mower !



Typical Carrier deck model fitted with floats. It was run like a Carrier Deck competition.



Lift-off  and a  landing. 2500 litres of water were used !



An unsuccessful launch.       Wind blown duck racing during the 1 hour lunch break.



Kevin Morgan has sent me a report of his trip to Australia to fly in the World Control Line Aerobatics championships.

Click here to read the report.


  A little known fact about myself (Mike) is that I'm a LANTRA certified Traditional Mole Catcher 

I have been removing Moles from lawns and fields for more than eight years.

If your lawn or garden looks like the one below - send an email for more information and quotes for Mole removal.  


The garden above is in the village of Thringstone, Leics. I recently removed two troublesome Moles from that lawn.

No gases or poisons are used, just traditional British Mole traps set into the earth.




 The Midland Free Flight Gala - Oct' 29th 2016  

Report and Photo's from Mike Chapman


 This particular Saturday at North Luffenham was an excellent choice as the wind speed was a low 4 mph, perfect for trimming flights. The grass was still uncut which provided a soft cushion for those first tentative launches.
Ian Hewitt and Mike Edwards were there, Ian brought his Dixielander, Mike had two proven gliders and I took along three models, two power models and a glider.
There was a fantastic turn out for this, the last meeting of the year, parked cars seemed to stretch endlessly along the curving peri-track. There were so many fliers there that it was difficult to look up at any time and not see at least four models or more in the air and they were all circling overhead.
The sky was overcast all day so lift was almost non existent but some buoyant air could be found, even so, retrievers had to walk no more the a couple of hundred yards to collect their models. One of Mike's glider flights landed a few yards upwind of the launch point !
Ian's first power launches were proving quite dramatic as after about 30 feet the Dixielander started chasing it's tail with the motor going full chat My Dixie' did the same thing first flight - I put that down to weak tailplane hold-down bands, replacing them cured the problem I then had some very good flights. My latest Y-Bar power model flew straight off the board showing an eagerness to climb climb climb   The other untried model I took along was a Lil' Dip glider (American kit), I had previously tested it on the hill at Gotham so knew the glide was OK.  Towing showed the need for some right trim, after corrections were made the tow and glide were fine, immediately drawing a question from a well known flyer to ask what the design was.
Great flying until the sun went down, though it seemed strange driving back home in the dark.

But oh! that grass - my thighs ache today !


Ian Hewitt with his OS 20 powered Dixielander.


Lil' Dip glider 48" span.



 Open Power and Glider Comp' - Oct' 2016

Report and Photo's from Mike Chapman.


The foul rain cleared just before midday but the wind was very strong, Howard was away first and maxed. Ken sent his aged Climax power model up on a test flight which is climbing very well (after much fettling), enthused by these two flights I launched my glider but it was a near calamity and resulted in a 35 second flight. We set off to retrieve our models and to assist Howard as we knew via the walkie-talkies that he couldn't find his glider. Over an hour later we returned to the cars with all three models - time for lunch

Howard wasn't keen to go again and I had to play catch-up. My second flight was better but towing was scary and the time was only 1.11 so I still hadn't over taken Howard's 2 minutes.
In the meantime Ken had put in a very good official power flight and whilst retrieving it, saw my glider land and brought it back. The air seemed better so I brought out my Caprice to fly and promptly made a post hole with it , no serious damage,  I was able to try again, running like a madman towards it I made a fairly good launch which meant if Howard was retain his first place he would have to fly again He rose to the challenge and despite an almost disastrous tow, managed to record a time which was unassailable.
Now, time to enter my Dixielander into the power comp. This model has been so difficult to 'sort' that I almost decided to give up on it . Nevertheless here it was, re-engined, new engine bearers and a whole lot of negative incidence on the tailplane. I had also made a special leather re-enforced glove to start the AM 35 engine! It was going to have to go 'flight untested'. The engine was better behaved than previously, and on a modest setting I released it, and it climbed faultlessly (though stalling on the glide), it wasn't a long flight, but I was buzzing. A quick return and ready for a second flight. I ran the engine close to   this time and it climbed like a home sick angel (only a 6 second engine run !), still no decent air but it was great to watch and I had overtaken Ken's recorded time. The deep wet grass had made our legs pretty tired by now, Ken declined to fly again leaving just time for us to take a selfie and to look at a ridiculously blue sky.
While we were busy with our flying it was quite noticeable that the BMFA Area fliers were putting up very few flights.


Open Glider

1st  Howard Smith - Amethyst

2nd  Mike Chapman - Lil' Hinney and Caprice


Open Power

1st  Mike Chapman - Dixielander (AM 35)

2nd  Ken Reeves - Climax (MVVS 1.5)


The best we could do in the photo department - Group Selfie !


As the winds eased and the sky cleared - we went home !

C'est la Vie.





 An impromptu control line Scale meet at Gotham.

Brief report by Mike Chapman

The weather indications for the day of the rubber scale event were good so Ian Hewitt and myself took along our scale models to fly. Mike Edwards invited his friend as a guest flier, John had two unflown models, a Curtiss Hawk P6E fitted with a Veco 19 and a semi scale Spitfire fitted with a Merco 35. Ian Hewitt flew his Profile Mosquito (recently awarded 1st place at Old Warden Scale Day in the Flying Only category). I flew my Mustang (recently awarded a certificate at the Old Warden Scale Day for 'The most entertaining flight of the competition'). After we had flown we set-to to see if we could get John's models running/flying. A good engine setting could not be found on the Veco 19 so it had to stay on the ground. After much fettling we got the Spitfire flying and managed about a dozen good laps on the last flight.

John went home a very happy man.




 Rubber Scale Comp' Oct' 2016.

Brief report by Mike Chapman.   Photo's provided by Tony Brookes.

Fair winds and signs of mid morning lift were carrying the models across the field some distance.

When I arrived Richard was searching for his 'lost' model but had to leave it out there as he had a lunch date (model was found later). Ian Hewitt was at the top of the hill with his model so had made a fine flight to get up there!  Mike Edward's Piper Cub passed gracefully in front of me looking to be a likely contender but Mike gave the model to Andy's son at the end of the comp'. He says he can't 'connect' with rubber powered models.


                                                                                                        1. Ian Hewitt ...        110 seconds
                                                                                                        2. Richard Granger... 101
                                                                                                        3.Andrew Darby ...     80
                                                                                                        4. Peter Warne ...       35


Ian Hewitt's winning model.


John Churchill's model caught in full flight.


Andrew's model.


Mike Edward's Piper Cub - it looked good but not entered.


The group shot -with a couple of interlopers



 Ringmaster Flyathon at Gotham. Oct' 2016.

Report from Mike Chapman. Photo's from Mike and Ian Hewitt

There was a good response to Ian Hewitt's request for fliers to attend the Ringmaster Flyathon at Gotham. The weather was ideal and models other than Ringmasters were flown. Mike Edwards brought along a forty year old combat wing fitted with an Ed Racer also forty years old, the engine was reluctant to start probably because the fuel was also forty years old Switching to the fresh diesel fuel that Ian had with him, I soon had the engine humming - I agreed to test fly it

Ian had brought with him three Ringmasters - a normal size, a larger one and now a junior with a 1.5cc CS Oliver Cub which we all took turns to fly. The Peters, Warne and Arkley brought their Ringmasters too. The total number of Ringmaster flights was 37, not bad for one days work.
Dave Wright flew his rebuilt
Flite Streak and it showed no signs of the massive amount of damage incurred during our Stunt Race.

The winds were light and from the fabled NE/E direction so I was able to test glide four free flight gliders/power models that I had taken with me for that purpose. Launching them from halfway up the hill provided excellent indication of their trim. A couple of the test glides showing an alarming tendency to contact lift !

Six hours of non-stop flying - a pretty good day for aero modellers.


Models laid out in the pits area.


Models and fliers in readiness.


Peter Arkley - mid manoeuvre.


Peter whips into a landing.


All OK and ready for another flight.

Mike in background recovering a F/F model from the hill.


Halfway through the day and no broken models.



The 51" Glider competition. Sept' 2016

Report and Photos from Richard.

What a brilliant day we had on Sunday ! After the rain and gloom on Saturday, the forecasters got it right, and apart from an odd gust, the winds were ideal, and the sun shone all day. No wings folded, no towlines snapped, and the retrieves were all successful, including Howard's epic 3 min 42 sec flight, after the comp was over!  Ian's model attacked a parked car, unfortunately, the car won.

Lift was really erratic, one or two launches resulting in serious loss of height just after release and good lift hard to find.

After the comp was over, I managed a few good flights with my new R/C rudder controlled Marauder, which obligingly landed almost at its launch point, just the job for avoiding those long retrieves.

And the results, being the total in seconds of three flights, were...............

                                                                                     1st   Mike Chapman      Caprice                   299 seconds (2 maxes)
                                                                                     2nd   Peter Arkley         Caprice                   230 seconds
                                                                                     3rd   Howard Smith       Amethyst                 190 seconds
                                                                                     4th    Ian Hewitt            Lil' Hinney Mk1         66 seconds


Peter releases Ian's Lil' Hinney Mk1.


Ian with his Lil' Hinney Mk1 - had only one flight (sore foot).


Howard releases Mike's KK Caprice.


Howard and Mike return after an epic flight and retrieve - the D/T line hung-up !

Previous flight the model D/T'd prematurely, after only one minute (Polish spiral timer !)


The fliers - low entry due to holidays, but still, a hard fought competition.


Richard with Mercury Marauder - maiden flights over and it flew wonderfully.


Howard flew this Kwod for fun - great little model.



 The Stunt Race 2016

Report and Photos from Richard.

What a fine summer’s day we chose for the Stunt Race ! Warm and sunny, in a wonderful countryside location.
Only one problem, the wind! I recorded a gust of 24mph at one point, and between some short lulls, the wind speed averaged around 15-18mph.
Arriving at Gotham I expected to find a disconsolate group of fliers about to go home, but there they were, laying out lines and running up engines instead !
I have nothing but admiration for anyone flying in that wind, and apart from the total destruction of Dave Wright’s entry in a spectacular crash, everyone else survived. But watching from the side lines was quite alarming, some manoeuvres looking remarkably clean in spite of the severe buffeting from the wind. Even our judges and timekeepers chairs got blown over ! At the end of the day, it was agreed that having survived the first round, a second round would have been suicidal, so we all went home or off to the Cuckoo Bush after a good natter and very enjoyable race.

1st Mike Chapman, with 401 seconds

2nd Peter Warne,     with  534 seconds
3rd Ian Hewitt,        with 708 seconds
4th Dave Wright,   model crashed ~ sympathies all round

And please don’t ask me how the scoring works, only our esteemed judge and secretary Ken understands it !

Our thanks to Ken for judging, to Richard for time keeping and to Mike Edwards for his lap counting.

Ed: See the rules here.


Preparing models in the freshly mown Pits area.

Models from top to bottom are, Mike's Akroblaster Special, Peter's ARF Flite Streak, Ian's Ace (AM plan) and Dave's Flite Streak.


Flite Streak close-up.


Mike's much modified Sig Akromaster with Irvine 20 ABC.


The spinner saved Dave's engine from damage this time, the model will be repaired..


Peter flies his Flite Streak fitted with an MDS 18, it coped well with the wind.



Group shot - nothing here to indicate 24 mph winds !


 The Trainer Race 2016 

Report from Richard with photo's from John, Richard and Tony.

A very good turnout, seven entries plus various hangers on, timekeepers etc. Perhaps the most unlucky contestant was Mike Chapman, whose Schnuerle ported PAW decided to play silly b's in both rounds, propelling his nice yellow Phantom at enormous speed ~ when it felt like running, and then refusing to restart. Steve Ellis was entering for the first time and did very well, at first, his engine ran backwards, quite spoiling the take off, then his Phantom seemed very reluctant to fly, but finally picked itself up and completed both rounds in style. Peter Warne, all the way from sunny Lincolnshire, also had a bad tempered engine, and had to retire from the first round when it refused to behave. His model flew very fast in the second round, once he had sorted the starting problems.  Kevin Morgan put in two very respectable times with his red Phantom, in spite of being almost frozen to death while piloting another entry earlier in the competition. Our illustrious secretary, Ken Reeves, caused us all vast amusement when his engine nearly died in round one, his model only just managing to stay airborne at one point, and chasing him round the circle when he tried to catch it. But he came third in spite of all this, no mean achievement. Tony Cookson was in the lead when he ran out of fuel on the 89th lap, after flying at phenomenal speed, forcing a refuelling stop for the last half lap. And the winner at the end of all this was Ian Hewitt, with his Jasco Trojan, a tiny little thing, but seriously quick, and almost impossible to see in the dark as he flew the last round.

So we gathered up our bits, and guess what ? We all went to the Cuckoo Bush for a pint !

The results were as follows......................

1st Ian Hewitt  Jasco Trojan  5mins 19secs
2nd Tony Cookson    Phantom    5mins 25secs
3rd Ken Reeves        Phantom    6mins 23secs
4th Kevin Morgan     Phantom     6mins 45secs
5th Peter Warne         Phantom     7mins 8secs
6th Steve Ellis           Phantom     9mins 20secs
7th Mike Chapman       Phantom       42 laps


Ian's winning Jasco Trojan (MVVS engine)


Steve's AM 15 powered Phantom.


Kevin's PAW powered Phantom.


Tony's MVVS powered phantom.



Peter Warne pits his Oliver powered Phantom.


Steve pits his Phantom.


Ian piloting Tony's fast MVVS powered Phantom.


Now the sun has set in the west.



 The 2016 Aerobatics competition    

Richard's report and photo's from Richard, Peter and John.

 At last, a fine, calm bit of weather ! What a contrast to the last time we tried to fly.
I was watching in awe from the side-lines, while Ken, who was judging, kept up a running commentary ( most of it, quite printable !)
The comments are best left to yourselves, being the fliers and experts in C/L Aerobatics, but here are a few pics for you, including the compulsory group shot.
An enjoyable evening’s flying in a good company and a lovely setting, just the job !

And here are the results, being the best round out of the two flown :-

1st Kevin Morgan 1072.5 points
2nd Peter Arkley 1059.5 points
3rd Ian Hewitt 857.5 points
4th Mike Chapman 809.5 points
5th Geoff Stevenson 103.0 points


Two very different models - Kevin's new Electric and the Peter's much older Ringmaster design.


 Geoff gets his engine running.


Peter used his Turbulence for his second flight.


Peter flying his Turbulence model.


The Line-park / Pits.


Ken judges and Richard assists.


What happened and where is Kevin ?     


Group shot.



Club members visited a Peterborough indoor meet'.

Paul's very 'active' table.


Paul with his Messerschmitt Bf 109F


Andrew looks excited ?



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