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The third indoor flying session. Feb' 2018

Photos from Richard.

Some of the models that attended.




And that's why I don't fly indoor models



 The second indoor flying session of 2018  

Four videos


 'Spitfire and John's Bird Dog'

'The Spitfire'

'Andy's Laser cut Bird Dog'



This link will take you to a 1960s film of the Keil Kraft factory (15 minutes)



 The 51" and Open Glider  Comp's ~ Oct' 2017.  

Report and Photos from Richard.


Another fine, if a trifle windy, Sunday at North Luffenham for our postponed glider comps. What a contrast to Monday's gale and orange gloom !

The wind direction couldn't have been better and we flew from our usual spot at the south west corner of the field. This time, there was no chance of landing on the golf course..... !

There were thermals about , but some really dead air too , especially just after launches at our end, further down the airfield the air seemed much livelier.

A lot of good flights, Mike Chapman set a new record with three maxes in Open Glider with his Flashback , hotly pursued by Mike Edwards with two. Even my ancient Soarer Major managed a half decent flight.

The 51" comp was full of excitement, as Steve Ellis's Amethyst decided to demolish the runway, with amazingly little damage to itself, unlike Mike Edwards' model which decided to turn right on tow and disintegrated on impact with the peri track . I was of course there with my camera to record the event! Ken's model put up some very steady flights, but managed to find some serious downdrafts to keep his scores down, Howard got some very impressive launches in too. I managed a couple of good flights with my Mercury Swan, so thank you Steve and Howard for the retrieves


    So the results at the end of the day were as follows :-   

                                                                                 Open Glider......

                                                   1st   Mike Chapman      Flashback      360 secs (maxed out)

                                                   2nd   Mike Edwards      F1Havana       322 secs

                                                   3rd   Richard Granger   Soarer Major   54secs

                                                   51" Glider.......

                                                                                 1st   Mike Chapman    Caprice      333 secs 

                                                                                 2nd   Mike Edwards    Amethyst   310 secs 

                                                                                 3rd   Howard Smith     Amethyst    227 secs

                                                                                 4th   Steve Ellis            Amethyst     212 secs

                                                                                 5th   Ken Reeves         Ffoxy (sic)   209 secs

                                                                                 6th  Richard Granger  Swan          118 secs


Anticipating a good day's flying.


Mike Edwards looks happy with his Amethyst.

Uhh Oh !


Ken fettles his Ffoxy (A/1) glider, a well thought-out design.


Howard awaits Mike's signal to launch his KK Caprice - No rush


Ok, GO !  - Howard releases the KK Caprice - demonstrating a good launch angle.


Richard's Mercury Swan - it had a really good day out.


Flashback A/2 glider - designed by Andy Crisp.


Group shot - the fliers now looking very weary after a day of long retrievals.




 The Open Glider and Power Comp' ~ Sept' 2017.

Report and photo's from Richard.

Well, I suppose our luck with the weather had to run out at some point !

After weeks of glorious sunshine, Sunday dawned overcast and windy, but being a hardy lot, we all arrived at North Luffenham to fly.

After a few hairy launches, it became apparent that to try and fly the glider comp in that wind would have been mad, so we decided to fly just the Open Power instead. The Open Glider comp' will now be flown with the 51" Glider comp on the 15th October .

Open Power ~ Ken put in three spectacular flights, the climb-out on a well trimmed model being very impressive. In fact at one point I was left alone at the launch point while everyone else vanished into the distance looking for Ken's Climax , found after a long search. The walkie talkies
came in very useful, as the wind and long grass made the job of finding a model very difficult! Mike made three great flights with his Y-Bar, the last one in a short calm period which saved his model from arriving in Rutland water, or worse, the golf club! Peter had a rocket like takeoff but came to grief, leaving his model broken in half, most unfortunate . And yours truly managed a couple of flights with his antique KK Gipsy, still going strong after forty years.

Altogether, a really enjoyable day in good company as usual in spite of the weather.

                                                                        And the results were :-        

                                                                  1st    Mike Chapman     Y-Bar         235 secs

                                                                  2nd   Ken Reeves          Climax       197 secs

                                                                  3rd    Richard Granger   KK Gipsy    95  secs

                                                                  4th    Peter Arkley          Climax          5 secs (about)


Mike's master class with Y-Bar


The wind snatches the Y-Bar on launch!  but away safely.


Ken gets Climax away again ~ great launch and climb.


Richard launches his KK Gipsy, the only rubber entry.


Peter prepares his Climax.


The group photo - Peter is still smiling.



 The Nationals ~ Aug' 2017.

 Richard reports, photos from Richard and Ian.

I can scarcely remember when we had weather like that at the Nats. Wasn't it great ?!
Congratulations, Mike, on winning the C/L Scale comp. Kevin Morgan was placed ninth in the aerobatics final, but he got into it, no mean achievement.
And Ian Hewitt got sixth in Vintage C/L aerobatics and said he thoroughly enjoyed himself.
I just wandered around and also enjoyed myself.

Ian, going out for a flight.


Engine running, ready to go !


Fuelling the Mustang (don't forget the remove the vent pipe screws!!! )


Dirty fly-past (everything hanging out).



Kevin ready to commence his flight.


Kevin in action.


Control line Combat

Tony Cookson took 3rd place in the Oliver Combat class (28 entries) and 5th in Vintage combat (33 entries).

Richard informed me that that Tony is going to be the next chairman of the Combat Flyers Association.

Well done Tony.

Tony on the right with his models (third place).




 Open Vintage Stunt Competition 

Ian Hewitt organised this competition in memory of his father Ted.

The trophy will be engraved as the 'Ted Hewitt Memorial Trophy'

At was all hands to the deck and with such help the whole event was run smoothly and without any complaints.

The weather was favourable with threatening skies to start with but clearing as the competition progressed. Three rounds were flown, a lunch break taking place after round two. The standard of flying was variable as you might expect but the Nottingham fliers accounted for themselves well.



Peter Arkley 2nd,  Mick Taylor 1st  and Ian Hewitt 3rd.


Ian and Peter enjoy the day.


Very close scoring at the top.


Shields for the places and the Ted Hewitt Memorial Trophy.


Only two crashes during the day so almost everyone went home having had a good days flying.



 The Trainer Race 2017 

Report from Richard with photo's from John Churchill and Richard.


We must have been good or something, this is the third comp this year when the sun shone and there was hardly any wind. Mercifully, the sheep seem to have avoided the recently mown circle, so the brush and shovel weren't needed after all. A good turnout, five fliers and one very disgruntled Peter Warne whose fuel pipe pulled out of his Phantom's embedded tank before he even started his engine .

In spite of trying hard, I failed to get 90 laps (required) out of my Mills 1.3 powered Buster, but managed 75, leaving Mike going round in circles for an embarrassing length of time after I filled the tank up to the top at the pit-stop . Ian's Jasco Trojan flew so fast I couldn't get a decent picture of it, just a puff of smoke, and Mike's very fine yellow Phantom went like the proverbial clappers on its last flight . Ken's ancient Phantom was having engine hissy fits , but managed a very creditable score, and the comp was won by Tony Cookson with a lethally fast and oily Phantom .

You can see how exhausting the evening was from the number of scorers etc who needed chairs ..... !

Thank you to Mike, Ian and Tony for " volunteering " to do all the flying and to everyone that helped with lap counting and timing.

After a very enjoyable evenings flying, the results were (best of two flights) :-

1st Tony Cookson Phantom 5mins 13secs

2nd Ian Hewitt Jasco Trojan 5 mins 29secs

3rd Mike Chapman Phantom 6 mins 39secs

4th Richard Granger Buster 7mins 24secs

5th Ken Reeves Phantom 7mins 33 secs


Our freshly mown flying circle. Gladiators at the ready !


First to arrive ready their models in the Pits area.


That's a clear case of bullying! The little Trojan went well after that punch in the face


Mike's Phantom airborne after a successful pit-stop.



Ken's Phantom (PAW 1.49) and Richard's SIG Buster (Mills 1.3)



Mike's Phantom  (re-engined PAW 1.49) and Tony's winning Phantom (MVVS 1.5)


Tony waits for his next pit-stop.


The Trainer Race - probably our most popular event.



 C/L Aerobatic Comp' ~ June 2017

Report from Mike Chapman.

A nicely mown circle was ready for our use and the wind was a steady 9 mph with gusts coming through. In preparation for the open vintage comp in July I put out a test length of red and white warning tape in order to warn off any carbooters that were likely to drive past. It gave a good indication of the wind speed too.
The competition. Five fliers arrived and Ken Reeves had kindly agreed to judge for us and Mike Edwards assisted.

I had a practice flight then Kevin went straight into the first competition flight (he was fresh from the home internationals where Wales won). He flew a very smooth flight with his electric powered special.
Peter Warne went next but the model (no-name profile) was not too keen to fly the schedule ! He had tried 3 motors in it and had settled on a Merco 35 but it wasn't providing enough thrust, so he had an unpleasant flight.
I flew next with my OS LA40 powered  Francher Twister and was pleased with the flight considering I had not used the model since last year.
Ian Hewitt brought out his Ringmaster but wasn't able to make it perform as it had last year (by now the wind speed was increasing).
Peter Arkley arrived during the break but decided not to fly in the competition.
Round two was much the same as round one except Peter decided not to fly as he wasn't happy with his model, Kevin performed faultlessly, my own flight was about as good as it gets with a profile model, Ian had a rough flight and suffered in the gusting wind and being dazzled by the sun.
We'd had the best of the weather and as we stood around chatting the clouds came over and the skies darkened.

The only problem on the day was that I forgot to take any  photos so those here are from my archive.

                                                                                                                                1st     Kevin Morgan 
                                                                                                                                2nd    Mike Chapman
                                                                                                                                3rd     Ian Hewitt
                                                                                                                                4th     Peter Warne


Kevin with one of his electric powered models.


Mike with his Francher Twister.


Ian with a pair of Ringmasters.



 Rubber Scale Comp' ~ May 2017.

Report from Richard. Photo's from John, Mike and Richard.


It was another fine, sunny, and almost windless evening yet again for our Rubber Scale comp. A fine turnout and some very good flights, as can be seen from the scores at the end of the day. 

Conditions were as near perfect as we could imagine.  

I even managed to lay a few  smoke trails by the end of the day, very satisfying. And thank goodness Paul had brought his roach pole with him , which saved my Tiger Moth after it got stuck in a tree ( it subsequently got squashed by a loose gas cylinder in the back of my car!  )

So at the end of a very enjoyable session,.......Best three of five flights.

                                                                                1st      John Churchill         Veron  Aeronca  Champion      135 secs

                                                                                2nd     Ian Hewitt               Found  Centennial                    130 secs

                                                                                3rd      Richard Granger      Ryan                                         90 secs

                                                                                4th      Paul Briggs             Sopwith  Triplane                       52 secs

                                                                                5th      Steve Ellis               Cessna                                      51 secs

                                                                                6th      Peter Warne            KK Cessna                                49 secs


Steve at his 'busy' table.


A good turnout on a superb evening.


Paul launches his Sopwith Triplane.



Ian's 'Found  Centennial'  high in the sky.


John's Veron  Aeronca  Champion  had some fantastic flights.


Richard had a lapse and reverted to rocket power ~ Space and beyond ! 



Our first outdoor competition of the season...

 Hand Launched Glider 2017.

Report from Richard. Photo's from Richard and John Churchill.

Our first outdoor competition of the season, and the weather couldn't have been better. Gotham really is a fine site when the weather's like this.
Wall to wall sunshine, and very little wind.

Steve Ellis managed to fly into the field over the road to start with, but thankfully found his model, after which we had a very enjoyable session.
My 15gram lightweight flew well, Mike and Ian gave some brilliant demonstrations of really serious throwing, and the sheep with their new offspring seemed completely unbothered.

And then, believe it or not, we all retired to the Cuckoo Bush for a noisy and enjoyable session.

The results, based on the best five of nine flights, were..............................

1st        Mike Chapman            121.9 secs

2nd       Ian Hewitt                    108.2 secs

3rd        Richard Granger          105.3 secs

4th        Steve Ellis                       94.1 secs

5th        Ken Reeves                     57.2 secs


Fixing, timing, trimming and scoring as the evening draws to a close.


Steve launches his new model, he'd been practising and it showed.

When the wind direction changed the model was lost over the road but found with the help of walkie talkie radios


Ian launches. A good launch got the model up.


Mike launches. No thermals this evening.


Mike's glider circles overhead.


Richard launches his super light indoor glider - it didn't need any lift to stay up.



They had turned the lights on in the Cuckoo Bush by the time we took this photo.




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