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Photo Gallery

Our Trainer Race always proves to be a very popular competition, though it can be very frustrating (ask me how I know).

The most  frequently entered trainer model is the 24" wingspan Keil Kraft Phantom.

An individual has one for sale on eBay, his is radio controlled and has a wingspan of 69" !


 Launching a F/F glider 

During the 51" glider competition Howard and I began a conversation about the correct way to launch a FF glider. We then demonstrated to each other what we determined was an ideal launch without problems.

Basically, the glider should be held at arms length with the nose pointing up at a good angle (up to 35 degrees). At the signal from the tower, the launcher should feel the tension on the line, take a pace or two forward and release the model with an upward movement of the arm/hand.  The glider should immediately start to climb on the line without the tower having to take more than a few paces (calm conditions excepted).

At launch ~ Do not hold the model level. Do not push or throw the model forward. Do not hold the model at chin height.


A good launch position (Aeromodeller photo).


See the angle the model is held at the moment before release -35 degrees ?



Free Flight Nat's 2017

Andy and Paul entered the F/F scale events - power and rubber.





A 'New' Caprice.

Mike Chapman.

The wing is a spare for my twelve year old KK Caprice and it is tried and tested. I thought I'd build a spare fuselage to go with the wing, then it occurred to me that if my original model was lost the spare wing and fuselage would be of no use without a tailplane, so I made one.
Now I have a new Caprice, it only took four years to complete.

The KK Caprice wing is covered in Airspan, the fuselage is finished with tissue and dope, the tailplane is covered with Mylar.


Kevin's Francher Twister.

Kevin Morgan.

"It started out as a Twister with all of Ted Francher's modifications then I 'Morganised' it to look like the old Yatsenko Classic. 

Flies well on LA 46 and perfect Winter hack."





 The 2017 Annual Dinner and Prize giving.

At the Victoria Hotel, Beeston, Nott'm.

Report from Richard with Photo's taken by John Churchill.

The Club Dinner. I thought it was a great success, and we'll certainly use the same venue next year. If the noise level was anything to go by, I think we enjoyed ourselves. What with Doug buying all the wine ( much appreciated ) and many of us keeping the bar going, I was not surprised when the boss asked me if we would like to come every month !

I haven't included ALL the photos, as too much exposure to all Mike's trophies might go to his head ! But I do like the one of Ulla looking at the Dumelow trophy bowl as if she was going to make off with it, which she assures she wasn't.


The gathering.


Ken warms up the audience before the prize giving and raffle.


Kevin receives the Stunt trophy from Ulla Granger.


Mike receives the Ken Oliver trophy.


Paul received the Indoor Duration trophy (Hanger Rat).


Ulla eyes-up the Dumelow trophy.


Ian received the Trainer Race trophy.


Pete enjoys his 3rd place Grain trophy presentation.


Mike received the Grain trophy ~ Ulla brought some laundry !


Richard encouraged me to take this photo of my 'haul'.



 The Graham Dumelow Trophy evening.  

Richard's report and photo's.

 Another good Dumelow Trophy evening.
Congratulations to Mike, on winning with his fabulous Mustang. What's next ?!
A fine collection of models, lots of new ones, and altogether a great variety of free flight and C/L models.
On top of all this, excellent nosh provided by Gill, Janice, and Ulla, plus an assortment of goodies brought by everyone.
I think the pic's speak for themselves.
A very Happy Xmas !

                                                                                    1st    Mike Chapman    P-51D Mustang Mk IV (C/L scale)
                                                                                    2nd   Paul Briggs          BE2c (rubber scale)
                                                                                    3rd    Richard Granger  Marauder (glider)
                                                                                    4th    John Churchill     Aeronca (rubber scale)


At the commencement of proceedings.


Paul Brigg's BE2c 'Zebra' gets scrutinised.


Dave Wright's C/L Tucano - OK for the Stunt Race ?


The ladies provided most of the food for the buffet.


Group shot - large models to the front please.

The weather and previous commitments kept our numbers down this year.



    Richard's latest model !!!!


Test assembly of the Granger Archaeopteryx wing.


A fitting for the inspectors to examine.


Lookin' good.



The Granger Archaeopteryx.

 Richard Granger is restoring this full size aircraft to flying condition with the assistance of Rob Millinship.

Until recently this aircraft, which was built and flown by Richard's father and uncle, was on display at the Shuttleworth Museum (Old Warden).

Photo's by Richard


February 2010

Richard has gone to great lengths to get the Bristol Cherub engine back to working condition. There were many issues to resolve, not least the cracked cylinder heads (new cylinder heads were cast).

Five years work and now look at Richard's amazing Vintech Bristol Cherub - it has to be the best of its kind in the world.

The engine is 80 years old.


A superb 8ft radio model of the Archaeopteryx has been built  by Dick van Mourik in Holland. From original drawings and photos that Richard sent him. It has made several flights without mishap including loops and stall turns.





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