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Club meetings @ Basford Conference Centre, Bulwell, Nottingham [Map]

 Members now meet up on the first Monday evening of the month at 20.00 hrs.

  Next club meeting - Monday 4th December 2017 

 Chairman - Richard Granger. Treasurer - Mike Edwards. Secretary - Ken Reeves.

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Club competitions 2017


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2017 competition. 

 Results and  Photo's from Richard Granger.

An exciting day! I thought it was a good do and not a bad turnout, as one or two 'bods' couldn't make it.

A great variety of Rats, all tweaked to give better and better flight times as the afternoon wore on.

We had the regulation number of hang ups in the girders, all were successfully retrieved with the use of Paul's very long carbon fibre pole.

It's amazing how much fun you can have with .50 pence worth of balsa !

And the results were as follows, being the total in seconds of the best three flights out of ten :-

                                                                        1st Paul Briggs           432 secs     Elderly, but deadly efficient red Japanese Rat (2000 turns !).
                                                                        2nd Richard Granger  338 secs     Even more elderly, but less deadly, silver Rat.
                                                                        3rd Andrew Darby     274 secs     Very nice yellow Rat, just a weeny bit more efficient than....the next one !
                                                                        4th Peter Arkley         273 secs     Another nice yellow Rat, with ten great flights.
                                                                        5th John Churchill       238 secs     A fine yellow Rat, sadly now in many pieces.
                                                                        6th Peter Warne         102 secs     Brand new yellow Rat, which flew very well on its first outing.
                                                                        7th Mike Edwards       74 secs      The yellow Rat that lost its nose (think nerve) completely early on.


Mike with Andy (practicing Vertical Take Off)


A little delicate tweaking taking place.


It could have been worse Peter - see below !


John seems happy enough with the situation. 'When front meets back'.


It looks like Andy's Rat is having a good flight ??



All done and dusted for another year.

And children, he didn't really eat that rat ! 





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