The Nottingham Model Aero Club.

Established in1937.

These photographs and memorabilia were donate to the club by Mr Chas Windows who had been left them by his good friend Mr Arthur Minnet.

The first meeting of the Nottingham and District Model Aero Club September 1937.

and here is the proof....

What a wonderful line-up of members.


Mr A.Minnit is given a hand to pump up his air powered model.


Mr F.A.Lowe launches his 8ft wingspan, petrol engine powered, twin fin Crusader.


A rubber powered model which held a speed record of 46 mph.


A Hawker Fury made by Mr F.A.Lowe.






How about this ! Aero Modeller blotting paper, with pink blotter and ink stains on the reverse.



Our whole hearted thanks go to Mr Windows for his donation.


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