Beginners Launching Advice





Before launching with a hard throw be sure that your model has a long shallow glide.

Use plasticine (clay) to balance the model.







The main factor controlling the launch phase is the strength of your arm, so don't expect miracle launches immediately you start.

Set some left rudder and always launch about 15 degrees to the right of the wind (assumes a right handed thrower) this will ensure that the model doesn't 'drop a wing' and dive into the ground.



Try to achieve a straight climb with the models transitioning into level flight to the right of the wind, the model should then commence turning into left hand circles.









As your arm strength and technique improve you can try 'more' vertical launches with a roll of the top.

A model that dives may require more than one solution.

Diving to the left may indicate a launch too far to the left of the wind - try again.

Diving to the right may indicate a weak launch or more left turn needed on the rudder or remove some nose weight.

Model goes straight up and dives (stalls) straight down - launch further to the right of the wind / add a little up elevator or throw harder.

If the model does one large loop. Check the balance (may need more nose weight) - if OK - launch further to the right of the wind, if the model still loops then try a little more left rudder.








Once airborne watch the models attitude, add or remove nose weight to achieve a stable level flight.

If the model turns and spiral dives to the left reduce the left turn and/or reduce the nose weight.




If you have built one of the gliders which have a pop-up boom d/t then further refinements may be made to the launch/ flight characteristics by increasing or decreasing the amount of incidence used.

The rules for launching are not 'set in stone' so find a technique which suits you best.

Generally you should only use 80% effort to get your glider airborne, if you need 100% effort then re-trim the model.






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