Vladimir Kusy's

Percival Proctor Mk IVc

World Champion 1998 South Africa

European Champion 1999 Czech republic

World Champion 2000 Switzerland




Vladimir designed and made all the parts for the Proctor.







Very lighweight structure.








Weight is saved everywhere on the model.







Neat and perfect detailing.








Hand made fibreglass cowl.








Exacting cockpit detail.







Lightweight tail area.








The type of detail that impresses the judges.








Vladimir, holding the finished model.








Beautiful in flight.







Disaster at the World Champ's in Canada.

But he won !




Wingspan: 1903mm, Weight: 3.3kg, Engine: OS 91F Surpass

Electronically controlled functions by a BEK-4

Throttle control / landing lights / leaflet drop

Construction time: 900 hours

First flight 17.1.1998 - last flight 17.8.2000