Changes to the UK  rules.

Our BMFA now allow 2.4 mghz radio to control non-flying functions on Control Line Scale models.

This opens up many possibilities for scale fliers that have previously tried 3-line and Servo Testers to control just a single function of their models.

The transmitter and receiver work as a normal radio control unit (with the associated servos) to control function such as throttle/drop tanks/ bomb drop/ flaps/retracting undercarriage.

The main flight controls must still be still through the handle and lines.



U/Tronics, an electronic system from Clancy Arnold in the USA.

A proven electronic system that Clancy has produced and sold since the 1980's. It works like the Bek 4 system and controls normal R/C servos within your model.

There is a Single Channel unit and a Multi Channel Unit (available in 4 to 7 channels).

Some work with a soldering iron will be required, comprehensive instructions are provided for both the single and multi channel systems.

Contact Clancy through the details above for prices and more information.



Alternative methods of obtaining proportional control of your Control Line Scale aircraft.


The BEK 4 unit made in the Czech Republic - Encoder/decoder that was once supplied by Vladimir Kusy.

(On/Off, power light. 4 functions: Throttle, Flaps(1,2,3 positions), Drop and Undercarriage )

The electronic signal is sent down two insulated lines to control standard r/c servos.



Centre line controls the throttle.




The ubiquitous Roberts 3-line handle and matching bellcrank..

(A single function - usually used for motor control).