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The British 2007 Free Flight Nationals

Report and more photos from the British 2007 Nationals - click here


News from abroad


In the USA. Discus Launched gliders have taken over from the traditional Hand Launched Gliders (the type that real men throw  )

Clearly shown in these photographs sent to me by my good friend Bruce Kimball in the USA .

Bruce attended the 2007 AMA Nats.

The first photograph is of Jim Buxton and Tim Batiuk. Tim won HLG this year.

The second photograph is of Bruce (what a hat !) and Jim Buxton with their gliders. Bruce's new glider took
third place after he picked some bad air to launch into. The name of his model is
'Hoosier Daddy' (he doesn't say why ?).

The third photograph is of Dick Peterson who took fourth place (so who was in second place?).

My thanks to Bruce for taking the time to send me the photo's and his report.

Update !

Bruce responded to my questions - Here are his answers.....

Jim Lewis was in second place.  Indiana is called the Hoosier
state, I liked the idea of saying "Who's your Daddy" when I was
above everybody else.

Nice one Bruce ! 

I think the person in this photo must be Jim Lewis.....

* * *

Our Australian friend, Len Surtees, attended the same  meeting and presented

Lee Hines (Sweepette designer) with the 'Heave Ho World Postal Perpetual Trophy'

It's an honour to have such a photograph of Lee on this website.

History lesson :- Kevin Brown in the UK started the Heave Ho world wide postal event for
HLG and CLG in 1997. In 2004 it looked like this event would come to an end
so Len Surtees now runs this popular contest.

See Len's website for details.




Free Plans - now more than 45,000 downloads and continuing ! ! ! !

Judging by the number of plans that have been downloaded from this site, my guess is that Hand Launched Gliders are VERY popular.

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