Airgun Safety .

Safety is the most important factor involved in any shooting sport and airgun shooting is no exception. An airgun is not a toy and rules apply to the ownership and use of them. Time spent learning to shoot safely and responsibly will allow you to use your airgun enjoyably for years to come.

The first lesson to learn is to BE SAFE - NOT SORRY.

A moments stupidity or carelessness could cause injury either to yourself or another person. To avoid this follow the rules below:

There may seem a lot of rules, however they are easy to keep to and will save you trouble in the long run. Learning them and teaching them to others will ensure that you enjoy many years of safe shooting.

The Law: always check with your local police station if you are unsure of the law. Leaflets are available.

Join a club - learn from them.



All wild birds, their nests and their eggs are protected by law. The level of this protection depends on whether the bird is rare or endangered (these are shown on Schedule 1 of the WCA) but even very common birds such as robins and blackbirds are protected. Some birds can be shot for sport but only at certain times of the year. Other birds may be killed because they are pests (for example, magpies or crows) but this can only be done under certain conditions by authorised persons.

Part II

Birds which may be killed or taken by authorised persons:

This section has been replaced by General Licences with the same effect:

Crow (Carrion) Rook, Magpie, Jackdaw , Jay

Dove (Collared) Pigeon (Feral) Wood Pigeon

Gull (Great Black-Backed) Gull (Herring) Gull (Lesser Black-Backed )