Pre-production Air Arms Evolution 2-1. A sophisticated field target rifle.

Field Target is a shooting competition - the targets are life size metal silhouettes of typical airgunners quarry. An FT shoot usually consists of approximately 25 targets set in differing terrain.

Field Target is an ideal medium for a hunter to test his skills against 'real' quarry in natural settings.

Field Target is for all air gunners, often FT shooters and Hunters keep well apart, I would recommend that hunters cross the fence and try the FT discipline every now and again to ensure that they are keeping their accuracy fine tuned.

Squirrels attached to the side of trees




The silhouette targets have a hole in the centre, known as the 'kill zone', usually coloured red orange or yellow.





Stag  - definitely not airgun quarry !



The objective of the shooter is to hit the 'kill zone' - if they manage to hit the 'kill zone' the target will fall flat to the ground (Hit recorded) - if the shooter hits any other part of the silhouette the target will remain standing (No hit scored)







Once the target is knocked down, it is pulled back into the vertical position by means of a nylon cord.






The targets are set out in natural positions eg; Rabbits will be set on open ground, Squirrel targets will be attached to the side of or front of trees.

The targets are set at different distances varying from five yards to sixty yards.







FT competitors may have to shoot from four different positions - seated, kneeling, standing and prone (lying down).

The accepted calibre to use for Field Target shooting is .177




I painted these and many other FT targets for a local FT club.

Targets at most FT competitions are usually painted plain black.