An introduction to F4B Scale.

There can be no better feeling for a control line flier than to have the sun on his face and his model pulling on taut lines. This sensation can be further heightened if the model is his (or her) favourite Mustang, Spitfire or Ju 88 with retracting undercarriage, operating flaps and a bomb release !

With a touch of throttle the model rolls forward to taxi, more throttle and the speed builds until take-off is achieved, you retract the undercarriage and the model is fully airborne, perform five manoeuvres, impress your friends then lower undercarriage, deploy the flaps and make a super three point landing .. Wow, life is good !!

Control Line Scale flying is a marvellous sensation, the flier can operate and feel all the flight functions as the model performs them... total sensation, great !

Nakajima Ki 44 Shoki (Tojo) 'Demon'

F4B Scale will never be the most popular class of control line flying as it requires so much more time and attention to the building of the model than the other classes, but it does return all that effort in the flying stages. All scale flying sessions usually cause a gathering of onlookers who like to admire and photograph the models. There is also the comraderie of the fliers, always eager to help and assist each other.

Generally control line scale models are flown an a three line control system which allows control of the engine throttle and with a little ingenuity may also control the flaps and bomb or tank release.

Using insulated control lines allows electrical signals via relays to control simple motor activated functions.

 F6F Hellcat

Brian Taylor can supply a plan of the F6F Hellcat.

More recently, control units now send electronic signals along 2 insulated lines allowing full proportional control (via servos) of retracting undercarriage, flaps, bomb release and the throttle. The installation of the servos is exactly the same as per radio control models thus increasing the pleasure of flying control line scale models.

The models themselves may be built from kits or plans, there are many radio scale kits on the market that are suitable for easy control line conversion. An increasingly popular trend is to modify one of the many radio scale plans that are easily obtained through model magazines or from private enterprises such as Brian Taylor. If you really would like to impress the static judges, draw your own plans and completely scratch build your favourite aircraft !!

Nakajima Ki 84 Hayate (Frank)

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