Welcome to the world of Control Line Scale model aircraft.

F4B was the official international classification for Control Line Scale models.

Below you will find some notes, photographs and images which I hope will convey the spirit of Control Line Scale aero modelling.

Curtiss P-40e Kittyhawk

I won the British F4B National Championships ('99 and '00) with this model.

Built and modified from a Brian Taylor plan. Wingspan 65",weighs 7 1/2 lbs, has a Super Tigre 60 for power. Uses a Czech electronic control unit to operate the retracts/motor/flaps/bomb drop.

(Alas, it is no-more - I crashed it, flying in the rain at the British Team Trials)

* * * * *

This is my 'old' P-47 Thunderbolt - this model won the British Nationals twice - '93 & '94. During a practice session over a soccer field I managed to rip out the undercarriage during a Touch and Go manoeuvre. Deciding that the model had done its duty I condemned it to the rubbish bin. My pal Andrew Hewitt insisted that I get all the bits out and put them in a large bin liner bag (I had deliberately broken the wing in half) he then painstakingly rebuilt the wing ! (what a pal). I put the model in storage for some years until I broke the wing of my last flying model (FW190) at the 2001 Nationals. I had to have something to fly so I brought the P-47 back into the light and did a rough patch-up/paint job on the repaired wing and flew many end of season flights at our local flying field.

Whilst judging at the Indoor Nationals 2002, a Peanut P-47 was put before me - it was a 'cracker'. It had the legend 'Big Ass Bird II' on the fuselage. I decided there and then to re-finish and re-paint my P-47.

I thought that it would take me about two weeks to complete the transformation but it took five !

Big Ass Bird - Copyright Howard Clark

The full size 'Big Ass Bird II'

Much filling and sanding required to get an acceptable base for the new colour scheme.




The make-over starts with a complete rubdown/cutback.







This is the last picture of HV*A






The paint job underway.



Loose templates stuck on - more spaying to be done yet.




Ready for some practices flight before the '06 Nationals.

I had some cooling problems but I solved those - now it flies well with the dummy engine fitted.

Big Ass Bird II - Still flying well with 3-line control. Now has a Merco .60 for power.

The Flaps are de-activated at this time.

 My thirteen year old model surveys our Nottingham University flying site.

With on-site Pub !

   Competition placings so far.

   2nd. South Midlands Rally 2002

   1st. Marlborough Scale Meeting 2002

   1st. Sport Scale 2002 Nationals

   1st Sport Scale 2004 Nationals

Preparing  Bid Ass Bird II for flight - 2006

I need a bigger work room.

Need advice with a Scale problem ?

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