UK - HLG and Catapult Results


(BMFA comp's are flown -7 flights from 7, with a 10 second attempt.)

(Catapult comps are 5 from 5 with a 10 second attempt)

Free Flight Nationals 2006

Mark Benns waits for lift.

Upper: Mick Page with Discus Launch model.

Lower: 'Fido' (Sweden) with his Catapult glider

Upper: The flight line

Lower: Mark with new LARGE discus launch glider

Upper: Phil Ball winds up to launch.

Lower: John Barker with catapult glider.

Bruce Kimball (USA) 'readies' his catapult glider (placed 2nd).

Upper: Chas Campen - Andy Hewitt and Mike Hadland

Lower: Len (Australia) brought a few models !





1 Mark Benns  
2 Phil Ball  
3  Steve Brewer  

The HLG podium.

(Phil, Mark and Steve)



1 Phil Ball  
2 Bruce Kimball (USA)  
2 Steve Brewer  

A day inside a Cardington airship hangar.

Hastily arranged by Mark Benns.

Outside and inside  (we use the one on the left)

The roof needs some attention !

The Titanic could have fitted inside with only 40 feet of the bow sticking out !

Martin Larsen increased his Swedish indoor record to 69 seconds.

Martin's model circles.

The end of an arm wrenching day - all models intact.

(Len,  Me, Andy, Mick, Fido, Mark and 'The Beast')



Mick Page kindly sent me two reports on recent competitions.

Grantham Grand Prix 2006

 With Mark Benns and Phil Ball not being able to fly this was going to be one open competition! Plus, Phil had combined HLG with catapult and also used the old rules of five from nine! With nine competitors and perfect weather a large fly-off was on the cards however, thermals were noted by their absence in the morning, but became very powerful after dinner. I even spotted an A1 taking over nine minutes to come down on D/T. 

It was soon apparent this would be a four horse race with Mick Page hot from his Brumfly win to max out first. Peter Tolhurst followed soon afterwards with two catapult models which were so good they refused to come down! John Barker and Stephen Brewer had four maxes apiece, but time was running out John launched into weak lift to score 54 seconds for 3rd place, whilst Brewer simply run out of thermals as the contest came to an end.

 John Barker launches his catapult model.


 Peter went first using his 3rd catapult model which produced an excellent climb and transition however the glide was slightly out of trim. Page went a couple of minutes latter and although the launch pattern was okay the height was not,  as he had simply run out of puff, well it had been a very hot day! When the stopwatches were checked Page had scored 47 whilst Peter had managed 48 thus winning for the second year running! 


With perfect weather and free food and drink at the prize giving such that many stayed after the comp it became as much a social event as a comp, so if you missed this one then you missed the best yet for 2006! Mind you an ice-cream van at about 3 o'clock would not have gone amiss! 

1st P Tolhurst 5.00  + 48    2nd M Page 5.00 + 47   3rd J Barker 4.54.



Summer Mini North Luffenham 2006

Calm and warm weather yet again for the third HLG comp running! However, this time it stayed cloudy for most of the day making thermals very high up, thus for anyone with a bit of patience a good score should have been possible. Unfortunately what we didn't know was that, Gremlins had hijacked the HLG box! 

Page started with a 57 and two maxes, however on his next launch his legs went all haywire tripping over themselves to much amusement of his fellow competitors. He also launched into sink on his next flight, so it looked as if that would be that!  

Phil Ball's three trimming flights were perfection a stroll in the park he must have thought however, once inside the Gremlin box the model failed to transition properly and was soon behind Page's score!  

Steve Brewer was also having real problems latter found to be a cracked hinged joint, once repaired made everybody jealous by catching the first real thermal of the day! 

Andy Hewitt made a reasonable start only to miss launch dramatically into the tarmac, unbelievably his model wasn't totally destroyed and was able to repair it on the field however, neither Andy or his model totally recovered. And so it went on until the last flight of the day when Page's model caught an enormous thermal which took his model all around the airfield at an alarming rate. In fact, a cool head could have won this one with a normal HLG!

 1st Gremlins    2nd Page 5.45     3rd Phil 5.08    4th Andy 4.24