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Wild West Aces

A card is selected and placed between two Black aces, in an instant the selected card disappears and then re-appears between two Red aces in the centre of the deck !


You will have to have a Red Ace between the two Black aces on the top of the deck (I have the Ace of Spades uppermost).The second Red ace is placed face up at the bottom of the deck. I usually remove the aces openly casually explaining that I will perform a 4 Ace trick (everything seems above board). Whilst sorting the Aces I secretly reverse the second Red Ace and place it at the bottom.

Start by asking "Has anyone here heard of the Wild Wild West ?" the answer without fail is "Yes"

A discussion may start - when they have finished, say.....

"Well, I'm going to tell you a story of the Wild Wild West."

"In the Wild Wild West there were Marshals and Sheriffs" - turn over the top card (held as if performing a Double lift) to display the Ace of Spades.

"This is our first Marshall, the Aces of Spades." - gesturing towards it with the opposite index finger.

Return the AS to the top of the deck, thumb it over slightly then deal it onto your table (briefly showing the face again).

"We have Marshals but there were also Desperados !"

"I would now like someone to select a 'desperate' card by inserting their finger into the deck as I riffle the end".

Offer the deck towards a willing volunteer, Riffle the end without showing the bottom Ace.

Have them insert a finger and remove the selected card (say, 3 Diamonds) and ask that they "Memorise the card and show it to everyone else".

"Now please place your card on the table" They will place it near to the face down Ace of Spades.

"No - not like that !" (smile) pick up the card and place it face up approximately half way across the AS.

"Oh, the 3 of Diamonds !" "He's a desperado if ever I saw one!" "We are going to need some help here."

Double lift showing the Ace of Clubs. "Here is the help we need, our second Marshall, the Ace of Clubs"

Replace the Double and thumb off the top card (as before) placing it (face down) about half way across the 3D.

At this point obtain a little finger break under the top card.

Evenly scoop up the three tabled cards saying "Our Marshals have taken the desperate 3 of Diamonds into custody, they must now take him to prison."

Bring the three cards up onto the top of the deck - immediately steal the extra card and turn over the four cards as one. Thumb over the top two cards saying "But as you can see the 3 of Diamonds is a slippery customer and has escaped !"

Place the two Black Aces on the table.

Cut off the bottom half of the deck and display both halves (one in each hand) in a Biddle style grip.

Raise and lower each half alternately whilst saying "But don't worry! within the deck are two Deputies and they have already gone in search of the Desperado".

Bring your hands together replacing the bottom half on top.

Immediately Ribbon Spread the deck on your table, exposing the two reversed Red Aces.

"There are our two Deputies and as you can see they have apprehended a desperado" Remove the two Red Aces which have a card sandwiched between them.

Offer the three cards towards your spectators."Please look at the desperado that our Deputies have captured !"

Your helper removes the middle card - It is the 3 of Diamonds !

Keep the Secret !

Cut Four Aces

A spectator cuts the deck four times - each time he cuts to an Ace !

A Spectator is allowed to shuffle the deck. The magician takes the deck and holds it on the flat of his hand.

The spectator is then asked to cut the deck at any point, he then turns over the cut portion and replaces it on top of the deck.

The magician thumb spreads the cards across until he comes to the first face-down card, which he places on the table, face-down.

The face-up portion is turned face-down and the spectator is asked to cut again repeating his actions.

This sequence is repeated four times.

"Now let's see how you have done."says the magician.

The magician slowly turns over the four tabled cards revealing - Four Aces !


Beforehand remove the four Aces and two indifferent cards.

Arrange these cards as follows :-

Ace, Ace, Indifferent card -beneath these -a face up indifferent card, face up Ace, face up Ace.

Have these cards pocketed. Once the deck has been shuffled, palm the Ace packet and add it the top of the deck.

The rest is self working but it does require that the magician keeps good control of the deck, ensuring that the face up cards are not exposed during the spreading/thumbing action. Also when the trick is finished - the second card on top of the deck will be a face up card - Carefully reverse it.

Silver Surprise

Two cards are selected from a deck and shown front and back.

Nothing unusual is seen.

The magician rubs the two cards together and a large silver coin slides from between them !


Have a large silver coin in your right hand trouser (pants) pocket


Have a deck shuffled and ask a spectator to select two cards.

As the deck is being shuffled and the two cards selected, your right hand should casually reach into your right trouser (pants) pocket and Classic palm the large silver coin.

Take the two selected cards in your left hand, hold them to your left side with your finger tips, palm to front, display them at shoulder height, slightly fanned.

Keep the two cards facing the front, announce the names of the two cards aloud (it doesn't matter which cards they are ) Naming the two cards, ask if anyone notices the special qualities of these cards (they won't).

Use the right hand to point to the two cards as you question your audience. Momentarily allow the right hand to fall to your side and let the palmed coin drop to your fingers tips.

Bring the two cards across in front of your face to display the backs (the back of your hand is now facing the audience), simultaneously bring the right hand up to meet the left hand in front of your face (jaw height) the right hand takes one of the cards.

Position check : You should now be holding the cards with your finger tips, both hands in front of you, back of your hands (and cards) towards the audience. The right hand holds a card with a large silver coin held (hidden) between the card and the finger tips.

Lower your hands, bring the two cards together and at the same time slide the coin in the right hand beneath the left hand card (it is held there by the left hand finger tips). Now with the right hand thumb and index finger display the right hand card front and back.

Bring the two cards back together and pass the hidden coin from the left hand finger tips into the right hand finger tips and hold it there beneath the right hand card. Now display the left hand card as you did with the right hand card.

Remember to continually name each card as they are displayed.

Bring the two cards together again, this time place the left hand card under the coin and right hand card thus sandwiching the coin. The left hand makes a waving flourish and you ask " Did you still see nothing special ?"

"You really should look more closely - you could earn money with these cards "

Bring the left hand back towards the right in a cupped position and with a rubbing motion, allow the sandwiched coin to slide into the left hand palm .

Take a bow !!!

An illustrated version of this trick may be found in Modern Coin Magic by J B Bobo (page 88) an alternative working may be found in Fingertip Fantasies by Bob Ostin (page 7).

Amazing Card Production ! .

A card is selected by cutting the deck - on examination it is found to be the King of Diamonds,

without the magician seeing the card, it is returned to the centre of the deck.

The magician announces ~

"Without shuffling or manipulating the deck in any way,

I will locate your card and cause it to leap from the deck !"

The magician now holds the deck by one end and firmly riffles the other.

Amazingly the selected card leaps from the centre of the deck -

but it is a miniature King of Diamonds !!!!


The magician asks for the deck to be cut by a volunteer.

The cards are replaced back on the deck face-up.

The magician thumbs through the cards (showing all the cards to be different) until he arrives at the first face down card which he offers to the volunteer to carefully examine (say, Seven of Clubs).

The selected card is then slid back into the deck .

The magician announces that he will locate and reveal the selected card in a most amazing manner !!

"Without shuffling or manipulating the deck in any way, I will locate your card and make it leap from the deck before your very eyes !", "Catch it - if you will".

The magician takes the deck in his hands - he begins to riffle one end of the deck very firmly, a card flies out of the deck into the air, it is caught and found to be the Seven of Clubs ! - even more amazingly it is only a miniature card - but it is the Seven of Clubs ! The volunteer and on-lookers stand amazed.

The magician slips away into a faint mist which has materialised nearby !

* * *

Now, this is not the most difficult trick you will ever come across and I could have just as easily posted it on the Novice page, but to do the trick justice it does require a 'performance' from the would be magician and much practice to get the miniature to leap into the air in a controlled manner each and every time !


A pack of cards, a 'double backed' card and any miniature card.

( Normal thickness Double backed cards are available from (see below) or you can make one by carefully gluing two cards face to face, use Bicycle cards as they are thinner than some cheap cards which might be noticed when doubled ! )

The miniature card need not be an exact match of the full size cards, having a similar coloured back and pattern will suffice.


Firstly we must 'force' a card onto the volunteer.

The 'Double Back' force

Let us assume (as in the description above) that the force card is to be the Seven of Clubs.

The miniature card must also be a Seven of Clubs. Slide the miniature card into the deck about four cards from the bottom (the end nearest to your body). The double backed card goes on the top of the deck and the Seven of Clubs goes immediately beneath the double backed card - face-up .

Holding the deck in your hand, ask a volunteer to cut the deck about half way down - have them carefully turn the cards over and place them back on the deck (face up).

You must now thumb the face up cards from one hand to the other until you reach the first face down card (it will be the Seven of Clubs) saying something like "As you can see, you had a completely free choice and could have cut down to any card", push the first face down card forward and ask the volunteer to take it.

You just 'forced' the Seven of Clubs.

Take the face up cards turn them over and place them (face-down) at the bottom of the deck - this ensures that the miniature is now positioned near the centre of the deck.

Have the 'selected' card returned to the deck by sliding it directly into the end of the deck. It really does not matter where the card is placed as we do not intend to re-produce this card.

Casually square the deck up to show that there is nothing unusual with the deck.

Use the patter -"Without shuffling or manipulating the deck in any way, I will locate your card and make it leap from the deck before your very eyes !", "Catch it - if you will".

Grip the deck firmly by the front end, hold the deck at chest height and give the rear end a strong riffle (practice this move) the miniature card will fly into the air - to be caught by the volunteer ! (?)

Most often the miniature card will flutter to the ground - if it lands face down - quickly reach down to pick it up and display the face, saying in an confident tone "Is this your card ???"

If the miniature card lands face-up leave it on the ground saying "Is that your card ???" - allow the volunteer to pick-up and keep the card.

Without saying anything, casually riffle the end of the deck again, allowing the spectators to come to their own conclusions !

Trick finished.

Note : Remember that you still have a double backed card in the deck, so don't be tempted to show the faces of the deck. If the worst comes to the worst and somehow the double backed card is seen - just dismiss it as one of those promotion type cards that have the rules for bridge printed on them. Its real purpose will never be suspected.

Final safety note : If you reach down to pick up a 'floored' card do not bend your head forward - just bend your knees allowing you whole body to drop down - thus avoiding a potential clash of heads !

Double backed cards are available from............

Card in a Bottle .

A card is selected, the spectators note it and it is returned to the deck. The magi' shuffles the deck and tries to locate the chosen card - but cannot ! After a few embarrassing moments the magi' has to resort to using mystical powers taught to him by an 'ancient'. He concentrates and utters a few hardly audable words. As he does so the remaining cards cascade over the table - the chosen card now magically appears inside a bottle.


Right ! the party is in full swing and the inevitable happens ....

"Show us some magic then...Go on... please, please, c'mon, we've got some cards if you forgot yours..."

Reluctantly you submit to this most unexpected of requests and you remove one of the three packs of cards you happen to have about your person !

Most of the people around you are holding drinks of one kind or another and you place the small beer bottle you are holding on the table at your side so that your hands are free.

The cards are offered so that one might be removed and examined. All the on-lookers get to see the card before it is returned to the deck.

The cards are confidently shuffled you then attempt to locate the chosen card.

"Huh ! Eerrr !Ummmh ??"

"I'm sorry I'm using my most subtle magical powers but I can't find your card anywhere ! - What was your card ?"

Sniggers and titters begins to emanate from the audience !

"The Four of Spades." shouts one of the less inhibited on-lookers.

You fan through the deck again "It's not here." you say - "Look for yourselves.... "

The deck is given to the original volunteer to examine, he and the others can't find the Four of Spades !!

You take the deck back -"I will use the special powers taught to me by an ancient of the Magic Circle"

You close your eyes, feign deep concentration, mutter a few 'mystic words' then hold out the deck before you. After a moment or two the cards begin to cascade down onto the table.

"Can you see your card now ?" - "No !" is the unanimous exclamation.

"It's here" you say. Reaching forward you pick up a beer bottle, holding it at eye level the Four of Spades is clearly seen inside the bottle !!!!

The crowd go wild! - Someone grabs the bottle in order to show all the other party-goers.

With a casual hand gesture you acknowledge their applause - you seat yourself where the more devoted of your new-found followers may gaze upon your 'light'.

* * *


Relax, you won't need 'mystic' powers for this trick just a well used deck, a duplicate 'spare' card and a bottle of beer.


Simply roll-up and position the duplicate Four of Spades within the bottle (always put the duplicate in the bottle as a newer card may be obvious within an old deck) you will be drinking from. Keep your hand around the bottle to hide the card - when you are half way down the drink commence the trick. (Before you place the bottle on the table, check that the card's face is in position to be seen when the bottle is lifted up).

The Bicycle make of cards are waterproof so don't worry about the card dissolving inside the bottle.

Force the Four of Spades on your volunteer, have the card returned to the deck, control it to the top - follow the performance notes above - before you hand the deck out to the volunteer 'palm' the Four of Spades, pocket it before taking the deck back.

Continue as with the notes above (allow the cards to cascade over your bottle) then reveal the card inside the bottle !!!

Congratulations - you're in the money !

Count of Monte' Crysto

The cards are shuffled by a spectator who then chooses a number and notes the card at that position.

The magician then shuffles the deck and hands the cards back to the spectator and asks that they deal off the same number off cards that they mentioned a moment earlier.

Turning over the top card the spectator is asked if that is their card - they say that it is not !

The magician takes up the cards, re-shuffles and deals the same number of cards.

Employing a special 'count' the top card is turned over and found to be the sighted card !

* * *

A knowledge of false shuffling is required for this effect - Retaining top stock and Adding a card.

The cards are shuffled by a spectator. The spectator is asked to name a number between 5 and 15 (say 7). They are then asked to count down to that number (without reversing or changing the order of the cards) and note the card at that position (say King of Diamonds). The counted cards are placed back onto the top of the deck.

Note: Demonstrate the count before commencing the trick.

Take back the deck and false shuffle retaining top stock and adding one card.

Ask for the number previously announced -"Seven" will be the reply.

Hand the cards to your volunteer "Please deal off that number of cards and turn over the top card."

When the final card is turned you say "Is that the card which you noted ?"

"No" will be the reply.

Look surprised, saying "Oh well, perhaps the cards are not behaving themselves today or maybe we didn't count correctly !"

Position check : The top card of the deck is now the sighted card.

Take up all the cards, placing the dealt cards on the bottom and false shuffle again (retaining top stock).

"Let's see... The number you chose was seven - correct ?." Deal seven cards face-down.

"And what was the card you sighted at that position" you ask.

"King of Diamonds" will be the answer (in this case).

You now announce that this time you will use a very special count, the 'Count of Monte' Crysto'.

Pick up the dealt packet of cards, begin dealing them again, face-down.

Count aloud as you deal - using an amusing 'distinguished' accent ! - like so:- A wan.. A tooo... A tree... A fow.....

When you get to the last card repeat the chosen number and name of the sighted card aloud "Zee number seven and the zee King of Diamonds - Yes ? "

Casually toss the last card face-up, revealing the seventh (last) card as their card (KD).

So saying "The Count of Monte' Crysto always finds the treasure !"

See Monte' Crysto for a simpler version

Not Possible !

(Nightmare Effect)

A card is selected and placed unseen on the table.

As the deck is riffled - another card is noted.

The deck is ribbon spread face up , the volunteer is asked to indicate their card - but they can't !

The card they noted cannot be found - it has disappeared !

The volunteer is asked to name their card.

The tabled card is turned over and found to be that very card ! !


Lots of nerve, a deck of cards and an especially gaffed 'short' card.

You must make a gaffed 'short' card as shown in the illustration below.


The gaffed card is placed near to the bottom of the deck.

Force ( Cut Deeper Force ) the 'real' 3 Clubs upon your first volunteer. Have the selected card placed on the table - unseen. Ask the volunteer to cover the tabled card (3C) with their hand.

As the card is 'tabled', casually split the deck in two and place the top half at the bottom - thus positioning the gaffed card near the centre of the deck.

Turn to a second volunteer and asks that they call "Stop" as you riffle the end of the deck.

(The face of the deck should be towards the volunteer.)

By carefully controlling the riffle you should be able to stop at the short card (AC).

Ask the volunteer to note the card that can be seen ( 3C ).

Give the deck a quick bend to straighten out the cards. Place the whole deck on the table.

Now comes a little bye-play... Ask both volunteers to hold out one hand (not the one covering the tabled card!) Lightly grasp the fingertips of each hand (as if to form a mystical link between the two people). Ask both volunteers to relax and 'clear' their minds. Slowly move their fingertips with yours as you feign 'deep mystical thoughts'.

After a moment or two release their fingertips and ribbon spread the deck of cards face-up on the table. "Please indicate your card" you say to the second volunteer.

They scan the spread out cards but are unable to locate their card !

After sufficient time has passed to build up an air of tension, ask softly "What was your card ?"

Their aswer should be "The Three of Clubs"

Turn to the first volunteer, snap your fingers over the card - saying "Please reveal the card beneath your hand"

The card is turned over to reveal - the 3 of Clubs ! ! ! !.


Before ribbon spreading the deck, pass the deck from one hand to the other - at the same time turn the deck around - so that the short end of the gaffed card is away from the volunteers.


Ensure that the gaffed card you make is of the same quality and age as the deck you will use it with - thus avoiding detection.

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