This is very strange.      

At the end of this, you will be asked a question.    

Answer it immediately.

Don't stop and think about it. 

Just say the first thing that pops into your mind. 

It's a Fun Test...but kind of spooky! 


Find out if you are among the 98% or 2%  of the public.

An amazing test....just follow the instructions as quickly as possible.

Do not go to the next calculation before you have finished the  previous one.

You do not need to write or remember the answers, just do it using  your head. 

You will be surprised.   

Start:             What is . . . . 15 + 6                                                                   

And..... 3 + 56                                                                               

And..... 89 + 2                                                                                           

And.......12 + 53                                                                                                             

And.....75 + 26                                                                                                                         

And....  25 + 52                                                                                                                                    

And.........63 + 32          

I know! Calculations are hard work, but it's nearly over.  .

Come on, one more..                                         123 + 5




Scroll further to the bottom...  


A bit more...  


You just thought about a Red Hammer, didn't you?   

If this is not your answer, you are among 2% of people who have a different, if not abnormal, mind.  98% of the folks would answer a Red Hammer while doing this exercise.

If you do not believe this, ask your friends to take the test and you'll see.