2008 British Nationals

F4B - Control Line Scale

August - RAF Barkston Heath

Brian and Matt Cordwell were good enough to supply this report and photo's.

Having arrived at Barkston Heath at 4.30 on Friday we had the F4B control set up and ready to go by 6.30.

With C/L scale being very much effected by the wind more so then other model types we got started with the judging of the static on Saturday at 1.00 pm.

                                                                   Static  scores were as follows: 

Bill Brown       Avro 504k                      1465

M Cordwell    P38J Lightning                 1384

A Morgan       HP Heyford                     1307

M Welch        Breguet Br941                 1288

Y Phillips        Sopwith Camel                1087

P Tribe           Typhoon 1B                     987


 Flying was to start 4.30 on the Saturday afternoon but after a delay to let the wind drop Alan Morgan made the first flight with his HP Heyford which was a bit hairy to say the least but it was a qualifying flight.



Mike Welch was next to taxi his Breguet Br941 but was unable to get airborne as there was not enough power from his electric motors. 


Yvette Phillips was next up using electric powered Sopwith Camel, unfortunately she had a very short hop and it came back to earth with a bump and broke the top wing which was a further piece of bad luck as her brother had earlier tried sitting on it !


 Alan Morgan then flew his HP Heyford again and had an improved flight, helped by the better conditions as the evening went on.

 Peter Tribe then took a second flight with the Typhoon 1B and managed to complete all his options this time and was generally smoother. 

Mike Welch’s second set of hops with the Breguet Br941 ended with an interesting manoeuvre with full flaps, ending with a bird impression – well, the right wing was flapping about!  


Matt Cordwell then tried to taxi his P38 Lightning, this was the maiden flight, but at the point which he was ready to take off, the front wheel came away and brought the model to a dead stop ripping the undercarriage out - he had to make repairs over night. 


After the overnight rain,  Sunday morning was quite windy when Bill Brown had his first flight with the Avro 504K. A very smooth display was terminated by the engine cutting part way through – a very neat piece of control landing followed.


 In the afternoon, Alan Morgan took his final flight with the HP heyford in slightly testing wind conditions but still he managed his best flight of the weekend. 

Matt Cordwell then actually achieved the maiden flight with his P38J Lighting which flew well before throttling problems cut both engines, nevertheless it counted as a qualifying flight. 

Peter Tribe took his final flight with the Typhoon 1B, also achieving his highest score of the weekend demonstrating the model well..

Yvette Phillips came out again with her brave little Sopwith Camel. The aircraft is rather light for the weather conditions but did manage 1 1/2 laps of level flight with a lot of running before deciding the plane preferred to be on terra firma.


 All in all it was a very good week end for C/L Scale, we had 6 entries and there were new models to be seen on the flight line. There was a good deal of interest in what we had to show at our C/L Scale control tent, many people came to ask questions about C/L Scale and as to how they could join in and compete.

We hope to have even more entries in 2009 plus some demonstration flying. So watch out C/L Scale is BACK .

2008 Nationals F4B  Result

Name    Static Flight 1 Flight 2 Flight 3 Total Postion 
Alan Morgan  H P Heyford  1307 1574 1712 1722 3029 1st 
Peter Tribe Typhoon 1B 987 1258 1458 1588 2575 2nd 
Matt Cordwell P38J Lightning  1384 1128     2512 3rd 
Bill Brown  Avro 504 K 1465 868     2333 4th 
Mike Welch Breguet Br941 1288 0     1288 dnq
Yvette Phillips Sopwith Camel 1087 0     1087 dnq







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